Second Year 

I have thoroughly enjoyed this year, I have had some amazing experiences including my work experience module which really opened my eyes to a different area of the industry which I hadn’t looked into before and the trip to Marrakech which was an amazing opportunity and a place I deffinetly would like to revisit. As well as the amazing experiences outside of university I have really enjoyed the subject module which has been running all the way throughout the year. It has been nice to have such a long project and coming back to it after these field modules meant my work was influenced by what I had seen and done. I am really happy with the work I have produced this year especially my most recent work at the end of this term. I feel I am getting to become a more skilled designer and am beginning to realise what I do and do not like within the area of textiles. Though I am scared to be in the third year I am really excited for what is to come in my last year of university! 


Second Year Exhibition 

Today I put up my work for the formative assessment and end of year exhibition. I really liked being able to show my work at the end of the year. We didn’t do it at the end of last year and I feel it is a nice way to end the year seeing what everyone else has been working on. It also feels like preparation for next year! 

Here is my space, I have added three new designs to my collection which I actually prefer  a lot more to my older designs. 


Summative Subject – How did subject and field inform one another?

One of the main reasons I have enjoyed the second year so much is because we have had the opportunities of undertaking two different field modules. For my first module I chose work experience, this was very daunting but such an amazing experience for me. I worked for a month in Monsoon Accessorize Head Office with two different teams of buyers. This enabled me to experience a job role I had envisaged myself in in the future after university. The experience influenced my time at university as a whole because I felt like it gave me a drive, I feel university is a little bit overwhelming sometimes in that you are pressured to know what you are going to do at the end of the three years. This really gave me an aim and a kind of light at the end of the tunnel, Buying is definitely a career I would be happy in after university. Not only did it inform my practice in the bigger picture but it was also small things like professionalism and presentation. During my work experience I often had to  prepare moodboards and product boards for big meetings with buyers from other countries which had to be perfectly presented. This has influenced how I present my own work.  Working with buyers also made me focus on small details, one colour in a design can make or break it and this has influenced how I view my designs in term two and three in this module of Making Connections.

The second field module I chose was the Global Cultural Collaboration trip to Marrakech, this experience was a true eye opener. Everywhere you turned people on the streets were making amazing things with what little they had. This appreciation of the handcrafted made me realise that with a lot of my work was relying on machinery. I felt that if I could practice my hand skills, I could become a more skilled artist. This encouraged me to use more hand techniques which was evident in my samples I created. Both modules were impacted from my trip to Marrakech as I decided to base my subject project on geometric patterns found in northern African countries so I was able to use all my photographs, drawings and experiences gained in Marrakech for this project as well as in my field work. With this in mind it was hard for my projects not to inform one another. I did however take a different approach on both projects, using different colour palettes and I also decided to take less of a handcrafted approach for my final samples in my subject work. Though this was a concept I thoroughly enjoyed in my field I felt that my designs did not look as professional as what I could have created and I was designing for a higher end company in my hypothetical brief. The handcrafted element has influenced my thoughts in my practice overall and it is still something I would like to practice more in the future.

Illustrator Designs

I’ve been working on some designs using Illustrator over the past few weeks. I have recreated some from previous designs using Photoshop and also created brand new designs. I have created alternative colour palettes for a few of the designs. I will be working with some of these to create some more CAD Visuals before the hand in on Monday. Here are a few examples :

Circle-illustrator-designnonopacity-differnet-background Geometric-design Geometric-design-different-background Geometric-design-with-overlay Hamsa-middle-design-outline-design Hamsa-middle-design-outline-design-colourway-2 Hamsa-middle-design-outline-design-colourway-3 Hamsa-middle-design-outline-design-diff-background Hamsa-middle-design-outline-design-diff-background2

Personal Critique of Textile Degree Show

At the end of this module we had to complete a personal critique of the degree show in order to acknowledge what it was we liked about the show to give us ideas for our own final major project next year. (SCARY!!) Two of my favourite shows were Ceris Butterworth’s (maybe a little bit biased) and Alice Logue’s. 

With Ceris show I liked that each family of designs did not necessarily have a different theme or motif to them but were designed for different reasons, Day, Evening and Workwear. I also liked the collection overall because I felt they could be used for anything not just fashion as they were displayed, they would work well for stationary and interiors as well. Ceris had chosen the materials she used carefully, this was evident in her choice of fabrics for the Devore samples and scarves which worked well with the more delicate fabrics. I liked the range of techniques which she used in the collection from digital stitch, screen printing, Devore and digital print. The overall presentation of the exhibition worked well and the space did not look cluttered. Your eye moves around the space fluidly. 

Alice Logue was the second third year student I decided to focus on for the critique. Alice’s collection had a clear concept and inspirational theme taken from geometric designs from Rajasthan. The theme has been modernised and would therefore work well for the home interior market it was designed for. The choice of materials worked well in a collection together and there was a strong colour palette which stays throughout all the designs. Her space was very clean and proffessional. 


Walking round the degree show it was amazing to see how different every exhibition space was and how individuals had taken inspiration from all different areas. All of the shows were very proffessional and showed skill in a variety of areas. Three things that I have learnt from the experience is that presentation is key, having a clear colour palette makes the collection work well together and small things such as headers and labels can effect the overall presentation. 

Subject Formative Feedback

Today, I decided to have another read through my subject feedback to ensure I was on the right track. I realised that though it states I should work on illustrator more, it does not say I need to create CAD visuals using this programme, just that I need to show evidence of using mapping and draping when producing my CADs on Photoshop. I did use mapping on Photoshop but maybe I did not evidence it clearly enough in my technical notes. I will try to recreate another design and print screen the steps to highlight these issues more clearly. I’m glad I do not necessarily have to create a CAD visual using illustrator as I don’t think it suits my interiors theme, if I was creating a fashion collection this would have worked well. I am still glad that I looked up tutorials of how to do this as it may benefit me next year.

With 10 days until summative hand in I am feeling confident, my formative feedback was very positive and so I didn’t feel a lot of pressure to improve my marks. I have spent my time mostly trying to improve my screen printing skills as this is an area I haven’t worked on much in second year and one I wish to develop more on in third year. I have a plan to develop one last sample on Thursday in digital stitch which I feel will work well in my collection, the design is a simplified version of one of my pre-existing samples which I feel could be repeated easier.


In my feedback form for Subject ADZ5777 one of the things I needed to improve on was to use Illustrator in my work, I have a lot of Photoshop work but no Illustrator. So I have decided to try and (I would like to say improve but..) develop skills in this programme. I haven’t used Adobe Illustrator since we had our digital brief in third term of first year and I have forgotten everything. Luckily I have kept all my notes from this module, but even with those I was struggling. I decided to find some tutorials on Youtube to help me.

Here are two which I found very useful :

I would like to use illustrator to recreate some of the final croquis designs, in Photoshop pixels are used so when the designs are increased in size they can pixelate and they have a very low quality. In Illustrator you do not have this issue so it is a better programme to use for vector files.

I have also been told in my feedback to create CAD Visuals using Illustrator. This confused me quite a bit, the only tutorials I could find on Youtube of CAD Visuals using illustrator were cartoon like line drawings where your design is placed inside. This looks great for fashion drawings but I’m not so sure for interior designs where I wanted to recreate bedding. I have attempted to do create a CAD Visual with one of my designs but I don’t think it is very successful. I will try again and look up more tutorials.

Here is my attempt :