Demi Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha

Above is a link to my Pecha Kucha which I am presenting tomorrow. The slides include my drawings from life drawing sessions and drawings which I chose to base my designs on from Term One, my favourite technique I learnt within the Photoshop and Illustrator workshops, my mood board and colour scheme, my five final designs and my bibliography.

I’m quite nervous to present tomorrow, but I’m happy with all my designs so hopefully I will be ok!


Digital Summary

I have been attending Digital workshops over the past three weeks. These have included Photoshop workshops and Illustrator workshops. I found these sessions incredibly interesting and helpful as I’d only ever used these programmes briefly. I feel that I have come up with some really successful designs using these programmes which I will post below.

The theme of the module was Florals and Life Drawing. I attended one of the scheduled life drawing sessions but decided to base my designs on florals. I experimented with different colour schemes and themes, even including weaponry into some of my designs to add  a more edgy element. I came to the conclusion to base my designs for a target audience of a very feminine young woman, the designs would be used for stationary. I researched designers and looked online for tutorials and blogs, one blog I found extremely helpful was Bowie Styles Print and Pattern – there is also a book by Bowie styles which I looked at.

The majority of my designs are quite simplistic, however I feel they would be very successful for what I produced them for. Though I am happy with my designs, I wish I had used my previous drawings from Term One in more of my designs as I think my design using my lily drawing is my strongest design.

During the three weeks, I’ve learnt a wide range of different techniques which I documented and put into a technical file. Some examples of what we covered include Basic of Photoshop – creating shapes and filling them with colour, creating flowers using Photoshop, creating shapes and repeat patterns in Illustrator, using the gradient tool in Illustrator etc.

For the module hand in, I was required to create a Demi – Pecha Kucha, a presentation of 10 slides, a mood board with a colour board, 5 final designs, a technical file and a research file.

Here are my final designs:






Mood Board & Colour Scheme

 Here is my mood board and colour scheme for my final designs..

mood board

My designs will be very feminine, they will be targeted at young women…

The designs will be used for stationary items…

The designs will revolve around pretty florals…

I will be using pastels as my main colours with darker shades…

The designs will have a shabby chic/vintage feel…

New Brief

This monday we had a briefing for our new project which is a continuation of Subject from Term One. The new project is digitally based work where we will be using illustrator and Photoshop. I’m quite apprehensive about this project as previously I have always thought digital work is quite flat and lacks texture. I prefer working with stitch to build up a design, however I suppose in the future I would be able to add to my designs.

So this is what the end of term feels like..

Its been a bit of a stressful week trying to get all my samples completed and mounted ready for the hand in and presentation on Monday. But after days in the studios from 10am-5pm everyday I am finally nearly finished! Here’s a sneak peak of a couple of my samples..



Understanding Fabric Session

Today I attended a session called ‘Understanding Fabric’ by Maggie Cullinane. We began the session by discussing the two different types of fabrics; synthetic and natural. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of both types. For example, an advantage of using natural fabrics is that they are renewable however they’re often more expensive than synthetics. We also spoke about the fact that fabrics are grouped into 3 different types of fibres; mineral (polyester), animal (wool) and vegetable (hemp). I attended sessions like this whilst studying textiles at GCSE and A Level and was impressed how much I remembered!

The second more ‘fun’ side of the session included burning small samples of fabrics we had collected and observing what happened. Natural fabrics like cotton tended to burn slowly and just glow on the edges of the fabrics, the smoke would be white and wouldn’t smell horrifc however if they were mixed with synthetics they would burn fast, have black smoke and smell terrible!! Burning fabrics can help you identify what the fabric is made up of.


Print and Dye Session

Today I signed up for a session in the print and dye room, to finish off experimenting with the techniques I learnt in the 4 workshops at the start of term. This session was dedicated to producing 6 of the 12 final samples. I created a new screen design for this session, a basic line drawing of two lilies.


I dyed a few fabric samples which I will combine with other experiments I have produced in my workshops to create my final samples. I will incorporate hand embroidery, applique and different dye and print techniques.

Here is a photograph of one of my final samples which I completed today. Which is a screen print of the drawing above on dyed silk fabric using the shibori method. I decided to use silk to portray the delicacy of the lily flower. I will not be adding any stitch onto this sample as I feel it shows a combination of different skills including drawing, dye and print.


Unfortunately I was not able to complete all the print work I wanted this week so next week I will be in the print room again and will complete a sample using devore which I will combine with dye. I will then be in the stitch room for the rest of the day to complete other samples.