Field Presentation

Today we had to show our group presentation about all our field work we have completed together. The group collaboration overall has been good. I would say there were a few hiccups when it came to organisation and work ethic for some of the members of our group, however, we all came to a fast conclusion about what we wanted to do within the field module and how we were going to do it. It was a great experience to work with people in other art specialisms. I learnt new skills which other members taught me and also made some new friends. Here is a link to our presentation which shows the progression of all our ideas into one final outcome..

Final Field Presentation


Final Outcome

Today we finished creating our final outcome for field. We experimented with the positioning of each of the Perspex sheets and also played around with the idea of light and shadows.





If we had had more time, we would’ve created the piece out of a more sturdy material, perhaps wood or plastic. We would’ve also experimented with the size of the piece. I believe if it were bigger, it would of made more of an impact.

Just a little experiment..

Inspired by a technique I learnt in the stitch workshops using a winged needle, I created a small experiment today. On my trip to St.Fagans I saw a geometric pattern in a metal wall. I decided to machine stitch on paper without any thread to punch holes in paper which I had brushed with a light green paint. I planned the design out on the back of the paper first.



I would like to try the winged needle technique on fabric again using this design.

Free Roam in Print Room

Over the next 3 weeks we have to chance to have free roam in the workshops. This week I chose to be in the print room to try out the techniques we used again as I was slightly unhappy with the results. This is the work I have produced..



The heat transfer piece is inspired by a piece of graffiti I saw in Swindon. I’m very happy with the results of all of the work I created today and I will embellish the pieces using stitch techniques next week.



Took a trip in the sunshine..

Today has been one of the only hot and sunny days in Cardiff since I’ve been here! I thought i’d take advantage of this lovely weather and take a trip to St.Fagans for some more research and inspiration. I visited St.Fagans at the beginning of the first term and remembered the wonderful array of patterns and forms in the architecture there. I got a few ideas from my trip and took photographs..









Print Workshop – 3rd Session

 Unfortunately I missed the 2nd session of print workshops, however I managed to catch up in the last workshop. We used Photoshop to edit the images and layer them on top of each other. I loved this technique, there were no limits to what you could do with the images and could completely transform them. My theme I have been concentrating on for this module is old forms and patterns in architecture combined with graffiti and street art. I felt this was the perfect technique to display my theme visually. Once we had finished combining and editing our images we printed them onto fabric.




This last image was my favourite, however it is quite small. I would like to work with similar images and print it on a larger scale.

We spent the afternoon in the print room experimenting with techniques like batik and heat transfer. I wasn’t very happy with my experiments so I will try again when we get free roam in the workshops over the next 3 weeks.



Creating our Final Outcome

Today we began creating our final outcome. We decided to create it using the laser cutter, and to do so we needed to produce the outline of the shape using vector files. I have never worked with a laser cutter or vector files before. It is something I would like to use in my future work. Patrick came up with the idea of creating a skyline for the top of the frame of our piece to incorporate the theme of the city further into our design.





We each have a piece of clear Perspex to draw our design on which we will put into the frames. Once we have done this, all of the Perspex pieces will be combined in the frame to create our final outcome.