Reflection of Field

I feel the group project opened my eyes to the different specialisms which can be combined with my own. It was interesting for me to see how other people worked. I felt that we had a good range in the group, we had two members from textiles, one product designer, a fine artist, an illustrator and someone from graphics. This combined to create a group full of different interests and ways of working. However, I feel this lead to a some interesting ideas. I do however feel that perhaps if we had more time I would’ve like to of introduced the rest of the group with different textiles techniques. One issue I do feel that we encountered was some members of the group did not participate as much as others. Having said this, everyone did contribute their own skills at some point in the project.

The group field project changed my original ideas for my individual field. Before starting the group work my original idea was to focus on Cardiff Bay and it’s history. However, after talking to the group about their ideas, I got influenced by the theme of architecture and also street art which I then began concentrating on in my individual project. I feel that this has improved the project for me, I was excited to research my chosen themes. I believe that if I had stuck with my original idea, I would’ve gotten stuck and struggled with research and design ideas. I believe my work and research has been very successful.


Field Presentation

Today we had to show our group presentation about all our field work we have completed together. The group collaboration overall has been good. I would say there were a few hiccups when it came to organisation and work ethic for some of the members of our group, however, we all came to a fast conclusion about what we wanted to do within the field module and how we were going to do it. It was a great experience to work with people in other art specialisms. I learnt new skills which other members taught me and also made some new friends. Here is a link to our presentation which shows the progression of all our ideas into one final outcome..

Final Field Presentation

Final Outcome

Today we finished creating our final outcome for field. We experimented with the positioning of each of the Perspex sheets and also played around with the idea of light and shadows.





If we had had more time, we would’ve created the piece out of a more sturdy material, perhaps wood or plastic. We would’ve also experimented with the size of the piece. I believe if it were bigger, it would of made more of an impact.

Creating our Final Outcome

Today we began creating our final outcome. We decided to create it using the laser cutter, and to do so we needed to produce the outline of the shape using vector files. I have never worked with a laser cutter or vector files before. It is something I would like to use in my future work. Patrick came up with the idea of creating a skyline for the top of the frame of our piece to incorporate the theme of the city further into our design.





We each have a piece of clear Perspex to draw our design on which we will put into the frames. Once we have done this, all of the Perspex pieces will be combined in the frame to create our final outcome.

Collaborative work

Once we completed our drawing session in Cardiff city centre, we decided to create a collaborative piece which would represent our final piece idea. When we were in town we wanted to draw over each others drawings to create intriguing, layered collaborative drawings. However, when it came down to it, we all got a bit protective of our own drawings.. Whoops! Instead of this, Ben came up with the idea of using Photoshop to combine our drawings. I loved this piece, I think it has depth and character.


Drawing Session in City Centre

Today we had organised a collaborative trip to the city centre to do some drawing exercises together. Unfortunately when we came to meet, only 3 out of 6 people turned up. We made do and decided to start off our drawings at The New Theatre. We each drew a few drawings, we spoke about drawing on top of each others drawings in different materials however all 3 of us got a little attached to our original drawings – we decided we would photoshop them together and perhaps complete this exercise another time. As we were stood drawing, we noticed that as people walked past us we got heard small sections of their conversations – most of the time it did not make sense, however we were all quite intrigued by this idea. We decided to incorporate this into our drawings..




We then took some photos around town and also drew from Cardiff Castle..


It’s unfortunate that the other boys did not turn up as I feel this could of been a much more productive session, hopefully we can organise another drawing trip.

Progression of Final Outcome

Here is a very basic trial run of our final outcome. Patrick has the most skills in the area to make the frame so he offered to make the maquette of the frame. We will be using a laser cutter to produce the real thing.