Changes to Self-Set Brief

Today we had a meeting with Keireine regarding details about the exhibition, our presentations and to clear up any queries or questions we had. One thing which was brought up was to re-read our briefs and make any relevant changes needed, including taking away or adding techniques to be used within the collection or within research etc.

I was quite happy to find that when I re-read my brief I had near enough ticked everything off which I said I was going to do. There were some small adjustments I felt I should make regarding my target market for my products.. Originally this had been women aged 15-30, however now I have all my designs and products I felt I wanted to lower my target market to 15-25, though this is a small change I feel my designs are more suited to this age group. Apart from this I did not really make any changes to my brief. I had stated in my brief that I wanted to use a variety of techniques including hand screen printing, digital printing, and digital stitch which I have done – and I was even able to add more techniques! I’ve used hand dyeing and fringing foot on the standard sewing machines. In my original brief I stated that my collection was to be used for stationery and sewing and study accessories, however, I decided I wanted to also incorporate tech accessories for example, phone cases, iPad sleeves etc. This was another way within my project that I wanted to show the old vs the new, the two ideologies I am trying to portray – we want things fast and now but we also want things handmade and vintage.

I was happy to find I didn’t need to edit my brief too much as this means I have created a collection and stuck to my brief completing all my original aims and objectives.


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