Exhibition Space

For the exhibition request form I wasn’t overly worried about the space I wanted to. I haven’t got big rolls of wallpaper or fabric as I’m not doing interiors so I was quite happy to have a smaller space.

Today, since my buddy had prepared my space so well and quickly I began prepping my space for the degree show with the help of my Dad! Within my space I have three metal arms to hang my samples, two small shelves, a table and a stool. When putting up my space I was a little worried that my samples had to be put in one line and therefore the bottom and top have to be slightly lower and higher than I would’ve been happy with if I had a little bit more room. This wasn’t something I had accounted for but overall I’m happy with it. You will still be able to reach the samples at the top and I felt that if I had put them in a more random or zig-zag pattern, the space would have looked unorganised and strange. I wanted to ensure that there was no random blank spaces in my space so everything was put where it was with thought and reason.

My Dad and I ran into some issues with my space being that the back wall was very hard to get screws into! But we got there in the end. All that’s left is to add the important things, samples and products! Can you tell I was a bit happy to have everything up?!



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