Exhibition Space

For the exhibition request form I wasn’t overly worried about the space I wanted to. I haven’t got big rolls of wallpaper or fabric as I’m not doing interiors so I was quite happy to have a smaller space.

Today, since my buddy had prepared my space so well and quickly I began prepping my space for the degree show with the help of my Dad! Within my space I have three metal arms to hang my samples, two small shelves, a table and a stool. When putting up my space I was a little worried that my samples had to be put in one line and therefore the bottom and top have to be slightly lower and higher than I would’ve been happy with if I had a little bit more room. This wasn’t something I had accounted for but overall I’m happy with it. You will still be able to reach the samples at the top and I felt that if I had put them in a more random or zig-zag pattern, the space would have looked unorganised and strange. I wanted to ensure that there was no random blank spaces in my space so everything was put where it was with thought and reason.

My Dad and I ran into some issues with my space being that the back wall was very hard to get screws into! But we got there in the end. All that’s left is to add the important things, samples and products! Can you tell I was a bit happy to have everything up?!



Photography Suite

Today, Laura Martin and I went to one of the photography suites in N Block to take some photographs of our samples. I specifically wanted to take some pictures of my stitch samples to add to my CD for my press pack as when I had taken pictures on my camera and scanned the samples in they did not come out very professional. Here are some examples of the photographs I managed to take..

Buddy Week One

My second year buddy Caroline Morgan has been incredibly helpful this week. She has prepped my space by filling in holes, using sandpaper to smooth out the wall and painted the wall. She’s also helped me with tidying up the corners of my overlocking which I had already done last week when I had some extra time, tying up the ends of my headers and removing backing from my stitched samples. She’s also just generally kept me calm and in a good mood! It’s nice to have someone so positive to work with, when I was having a stressful or bad day she helped me look at my work in a more positive light. It is very helpful having a fresh pair of eyes when a decision is needed. I don’t have a huge amount left for Caroline to help me with next week, it will just be tying up bits and pieces including adding stickers to samples, helping me put together my press packs and organising the display of my space. The buddy system has been incredibly helpful so far, I don’t think I’d have had time to do everything all by myself. Hopefully, Caroline has also felt it to be helpful, we’ve talked a lot about what is expected in third year and I’ve promised she can message me with any questions or queries when she finds herself in my situation next year. I have kept in contact with my buddy from last year, Ceris who has helped me a lot with contacts and companies to use for products, sample printing and other things needed for the exhibition so I understand how helpful Caroline will find this next year!

Alternative Colourways Stitch Designs

My final designs from Bags of Love have been sent off! So today I began preparing the threads I would be using for my alternative colour way designs which will be stitched on once they arrive. I printed out my colour palette and tried to match the colours with the threads as closely as possible. Obviously, this is not as easy as changing the colours digitally, I wanted a few of the designs to show more effort and thought behind the colourways which is why I have decided some of them will be stitched.

I managed to match the colours pretty closely and I’m happy with the threads I’ve chosen.

The threads below will be used for my placement design for the sewing machine family.



Exhibition Preparations

For my degree show exhibition I will be having a table with a vintage singer sewing machine and a sewing box which I will be reupholstering on. I was given the table by my boyfriends mum which was very helpful as they can be quite pricey! The table was a little rough around the edges so I decided that I would paint it white. I want the table to be more of a prop rather than a distraction from my designs.



This weekend I also drove to Swansea to help Emily pick up a table she had bought for the show, and whilst we were there I found a stool that would work perfectly for the show. It has a section that can be removed so is perfect for reupholstering! I will be printing one of my designs onto a thicker fabric than my samples – I have chosen All Saints Basket Weave from Bags of Love – to reupholster the stool. I think it’s little touches like this which will make my exhibition space come to life!

Bags of Love Fabric Sample Arrived!

Today, thankful my Bags of Love tester sample onto Cotton Satin arrived, and it’s fine!! I was really worried that the fabric would be completely different to the 100% Sierra Cotton which I have been using previously but luckily it is ok. The quality of the is not as good as the previous fabric, I’m not sure if this is the fabric or perhaps because it is a busy period of time because all textile students will be sending off final samples now. Either way, I am happy with the fabric and had to make the hard decision that even though the quality is not as good as the 100% Sierra Cotton, the deadline is fast approaching and it was this or wasting time finding a different fabric and potentially not being able to finish everything I wanted to! I need the fabric back in good time as I have to stitch on a few of the designs and I also have to reupholster my sewing box.

So the final designs will be sent off tonight!! Very exciting, but very scary.

Inverted Chain Stitch Design Alternative Colourways

I tested out my alternative colour palettes on one of my designs. Below I have my original colour palette, the three alternative colour palettes which focus on greens and blues, pinks and purples and neutral colours. As well as my newer two multi coloured hue changed colour palettes and the bright colour palette. I do think I prefer the two multi coloured hue changed colour palettes which can be seen in the middle of the bottom row below rather than the colour focussed palettes.

I also tried out two of my colour palettes on one of my illustrative designs of thimbles..