Constellation – Dissertation Tutorial

Today I had my first tutorial with Ashley since before summer. I was quite anxious for the tutorial as before summer I had really wanted to have completed a whole chapter before I returned back to university, unfortunately I didn’t manage this. Though I hadn’t reached my goals I realised after my tutorial that I had still accomplished a lot – and also that my first chapter is actually m longest! I have begun writing my first chapter – I am about half way through and I have also began writing my introduction. I have planned out my dissertation and know exactly what is going into each chapter. I also managed to get a lot of my reading and research done.

During the tutorial I discussed with Ashley a concept I was a little concerned about regarding my dissertation and one that I was considering changing. In my second chapter I will be using magazines as a case study to discuss my ideas regarding body image. However, whilst researching over the summer I realised that in todays issues of Glamour magazine (the glossy women’s magazines I am focussing on) the magazine itself does not necessarily promote a negative body image like it once did. However, the advertisements still present an idealistic image of a woman which is unattainable. It seems that the magazines have shifted yet the advertisements are still running behind regarding this issue. I was concerned that this part of my dissertation might contradict what I have been writing about so far in my first chapter, I had considered changing my focus to solely advertisements. Ashley was impressed with this idea and said it was fruitful and that she didn’t feel there was a need to change the idea.

After such a positive tutorial I felt relieved and also determined to carry on reading and writing. I feel more confident and if I can stick to working on my dissertation every week, hopefully I will produce something I am really proud of at the end!