Subject Formative Feedback

Today, I decided to have another read through my subject feedback to ensure I was on the right track. I realised that though it states I should work on illustrator more, it does not say I need to create CAD visuals using this programme, just that I need to show evidence of using mapping and draping when producing my CADs on Photoshop. I did use mapping on Photoshop but maybe I did not evidence it clearly enough in my technical notes. I will try to recreate another design and print screen the steps to highlight these issues more clearly. I’m glad I do not necessarily have to create a CAD visual using illustrator as I don’t think it suits my interiors theme, if I was creating a fashion collection this would have worked well. I am still glad that I looked up tutorials of how to do this as it may benefit me next year.

With 10 days until summative hand in I am feeling confident, my formative feedback was very positive and so I didn’t feel a lot of pressure to improve my marks. I have spent my time mostly trying to improve my screen printing skills as this is an area I haven’t worked on much in second year and one I wish to develop more on in third year. I have a plan to develop one last sample on Thursday in digital stitch which I feel will work well in my collection, the design is a simplified version of one of my pre-existing samples which I feel could be repeated easier.


Field Summative Submission : Field Overall

The two field modules I selected have impacted my work and I in different ways, the modules I undertook were very different from each other which I found to be a positive thing. It was enjoyable to be able to break out of the routine of my subject to indulge in different projects. The first of my modules I selected impacted me in a more profession based way, the work experience module enabled me to work in the area that I hope to have a future in after university. Buying is something that I had thought about for a while but wasn’t sure if I would enjoy, the experience confirmed that it is a job role that I would like to gain more knowledge and experience in through further placements. The month long internship encouraged me to think about my future more and start applying for placements in my own time during the summer break from university. I feel that this module has impacted me personally in a positive way, I feel I am more dedicated and driven as I now have a future goal after university. I also feel it has made me a stronger and more independent person, not only did I organise the work placement on my own but I went to work and live in a city that I didn’t know on my own. It was hard at times but overall an enjoyable experience. Not only has it benefitted me but also my CV, it is an amazing thing to write about and will definitely help me to get a job in the industry after university. In my second module, I chose to undertake the Global Cultural Collaboration module to Marrakech in Morocco. I have always loved travelling to new places and feel it really benefits my work, I gained so much inspiration. Both my subject and field work were impacted from my trip to Marrakech, I decided to base my subject project on geometric patterns found in northern African countries so I was able to use all my photographs, drawings and experiences gained in Marrakech for this project as well as in my field work. Marrakech was unlike any other place I have visited before and I was inspired by everything I saw, particularly the colours and patterns which could be found everywhere you looked. Morocco impacted how I thought about textiles, I realised that with a lot of my work I was relying on machinery and felt that if I could practice my hand skills, for example, hand embroidery, I could become a more skilled artist. This appreciation for handcrafted skills encouraged me to create samples in ways where I did not rely solely on machinery. Overall both experiences were invaluable to me, I also felt that after a long time spent out of my subject area, I was excited to dive back in my project after such great experiences in both modules.


In my feedback form for Subject ADZ5777 one of the things I needed to improve on was to use Illustrator in my work, I have a lot of Photoshop work but no Illustrator. So I have decided to try and (I would like to say improve but..) develop skills in this programme. I haven’t used Adobe Illustrator since we had our digital brief in third term of first year and I have forgotten everything. Luckily I have kept all my notes from this module, but even with those I was struggling. I decided to find some tutorials on Youtube to help me.

Here are two which I found very useful :

I would like to use illustrator to recreate some of the final croquis designs, in Photoshop pixels are used so when the designs are increased in size they can pixelate and they have a very low quality. In Illustrator you do not have this issue so it is a better programme to use for vector files.

I have also been told in my feedback to create CAD Visuals using Illustrator. This confused me quite a bit, the only tutorials I could find on Youtube of CAD Visuals using illustrator were cartoon like line drawings where your design is placed inside. This looks great for fashion drawings but I’m not so sure for interior designs where I wanted to recreate bedding. I have attempted to do create a CAD Visual with one of my designs but I don’t think it is very successful. I will try again and look up more tutorials.

Here is my attempt :


Dissertation Proposal Feedback

Today I received my feedback for my dissertation proposal. I was really upset and disappointed with the result. I’d spent a lot of time working on my proposal and felt that I had tried my best. To hear that others who had filled out the form the day before and got a much higher mark than me was pretty disappointing. I felt that some of the comments made were slightly unfair. I’ve been given till the 5th June to work on my proposal with the notes that Ashley has given me. I will be working hard to improve my proposal as I am aiming for atleast a 2:1 if not a 1st for my dissertation.

Buddy Experience

Over the past two weeks I have been working with my Level 6 buddy, Ceris, helping her prepare and put up her final major project. This was a great experience and a real eye opener of what the third year is like and what is expected from you in level 6. Ceris and I got on really well and we met up before the buddy system before Easter break so it was nice to see her again and see how much her work had progressed. For the first few days I was just prepping and painting her exhibition space, Ceris then gave me takes such as overlooking and putting headers on her final samples. Though it was quite scary to be working with her samples I felt confident in my skills in the over locker and sewing machines not to wreck them! It was nice that Ceris often asked my opinion of her samples and exhibition space as it made me feel like I was actually helping her and my opinion was valued! Ceris’ designs were amazing and her skills on illustrator drove me to experiment and improve my skills using this programme after seeing what could be produced. Ceris helped me understand what is expected of me next year and the experience overall just made me incredibly excited about third year! 

Ceris’ collection and exhibition space was one of my favourites in the show because of how it was displayed and the overall theme and concept. 

Printing Time!

So, back in the print room again today to actually print my screen!

When I began printing I’d realised that maybe I hadn’t made life easy for myself. My original plan was to repeat the design in a stripe shape. However, to do this I needed to print one, wait for that to dry, or print another one. There was a lot of waiting around and I kept having to clean my screen to ensure it didn’t block. I think had to measure by eye where the next shape would go and hope that it was straight. I printed a few but then soon came to realise I could’ve made this a lot easier and decided I would strip my screen, repeat my design on Photoshop and then re-expose the design. Now, we have two weeks of working with our buddies so I will do this once I am finished working with my buddy in a couple of weeks time.


IMG_5242[1] IMG_5247[1] IMG_5246[1] IMG_5245[1] IMG_5244[1]