Back in the print room..

Today I decided to go back into the print room to make a screen for my Subject project. I decided to take a drawing of mine from Field, when I was in Marrakech. This very simple drawing of a doorway in one of the palaces we visited was one of my favourite drawings I completed, I love the shapes and felt I could do something to build onto the drawing. In my field project I never managed this but since my Subject project has a theme of Ethnic and geometric patterns found in Northern African countries I feel I could use this drawing to create a design which could work within my collection.

I scanned in my drawing and edited it slightly on Photoshop, I decided to have two of the shapes in different scales which I would put on different screens or print separately on the same screen which would result in two different colours.

The screen took me quite a long time to prepare and expose so I will print tomorrow.




PDP Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation process has begun and so far, though I am feeling apprehensive with the amount of work that is to come, I am also feeling quite excited – this is probably the largest piece of written work I will ever produce in my life and it is a very independent and personal investigation and body of work.

My proposed title for my dissertation is: ‘Research into the representation of women and body image in the media, focusing predominantly on women’s glossy magazines and how the prevalence of celebrities have changed perceptions of the female body and created an unachievable ideal.’ My overall theme is body image and how it is portrayed in the media. To begin with I was quite unsure of where I was going to go in this area. Though it was an area which interests me, it is very broad and an extensive theme which I had not originally realised. This did bring up some problems for me in that I needed to hone down my ideas more to make a more realistic and achievable title and idea to work with. I had originally wanted to look at the media as a whole but with advice from Ashley, my dissertation tutor, I have decided to narrow my research down to women’s glossy magazines. Within this area of the media I can focus on imagery, celebrity prevalence and advertisements, all areas which I wanted to cover and which appeal to me most. I am enthused by the idea of looking at advertisements and uncovering the concept of femininity as a constructed ideology through analysis of imagery. I will dissect advertisements which show clearly fake or edited imagery that therefore give a misrepresentation of what women look like. I will then be using academic texts and research to understand why this is accepted in society. I came to the conclusion of focussing on glossy magazines after reading Maggie Wykes and Barrie Gunter’s “The Media & Body Image”, it came to be quite a prevalent theme in all my primary reading and it was an area which I felt I could personally relate to. 

One struggle I have had throughout this process is being able to balance my subject and constellation work. I needed to do a lot of reading whilst also trying to complete a very time consuming and intense project in subject. I did not balance my time well at all to begin with and definitely neglected my dissertation preparation which I now regret. Dedicating time to do this preparation is something I need to work on otherwise next year when I am in Level 6 and have a lot more work on my plate I will struggle. However, my main struggle was the actual reading, I have never been a very fast reader so therefore I struggled with how much I was expected to read in a short period of time. I think that because I am not used to working in an academic way this was quite hard for me. We have gone from writing very short essays using very little sources or texts which were given to us, to preparing a 10,000 word essay with a wide range of academic texts which we have had to find and source ourselves. Saying his, I have found finding texts which are relevant to my area of interest very easy and there are a lot that I can read up on, it is just dedicating the time to reading that I have found difficult. The actual writing of the dissertation proposal form has also made me a little apprehensive due to these issues as well, I think that if I had had more practice in essay writing I would not feel so worried. Sometimes it feels that I just can’t express myself or get the words out the way I want.

Another issue I have had is keeping my blog up to date, I have been using my blog to note down how I am getting on and where my ideas are going but I feel that I have not used it as well as I could’ve done. To improve my blog I will dedicate time to write a post specifically about constellation and my dissertation process every week.

One thing I didn’t find difficult was finding an area I wanted to do my dissertation on, though I encountered a few problems creating a focal point, the overall area was something I quickly decided on. In Level 4 and 5 Constellation, I was really fascinated with some of the themes covered in my options choices with Cath Davies. Themes such as individual differences within stereotypes and subcultures in ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit: Subcultures and Street Style’ led me to choose Cath’s second option ‘Goddesses and Monsters: Glamour and the Grotesque in Visual Culture’ where themes of femininity were covered. This was a definite source of inspiration for me for my dissertation and the idea of femininity as a constructed notion was something that really appealed to me. I have always been quite girly and liked dressing up but like other girls I have always felt the pressure from society to look a certain way and often have doubts in the way I look. I wanted to use this dissertation to explore this idea and why we are made to feel that sometimes the way we look is not good enough. Therefore, this is a more personal exploration for me and does not necessarily influence my practice. However, I would never say that something could not give me inspiration for future projects. I feel that as a creative individual one can acquire inspiration from anywhere and anything.

Dissertation Proposal Progress

I have pretty much finished my dissertation proposal form. I have answered all the questions and completed all sections, including the dreaded Lit Review! One of the things I’ve found difficult when completing my dissertation proposal is completing my bibliography, when citing my images I have added into my form I did not know who took the photographs or who owned the images. After researching online I decided to just write ‘Unknown’ for this section. This is something I will discuss with my tutor about as I understand you can lose marks through referencing.

I will take time to check and double check my dissertation proposal form before the hand in on Friday but I’m happy and proud with the fact it has been mainly completed. Normally I leave this kind of thing quite last minute but this time my time management has been less of an issue.

Dissertation Imagery

Today I have been continuing writing up my dissertation proposal form and have started adding imagery which I feel communicates my themes and ideas. I have split my imagery into three different sections : Celebrity prevalence reinforcing thin ideals, Examples of women’s glossy magazines showing obsession with weight and body image and Examples of the new ideal of curvaceous body ideals.

Nicole Richie[ Nicole Richie 2005 – at 11 years old I remember seeing this image plastered all over magazines and the internet, and it was the first time I remember questioning my body shape, Was I normal? Was this normal? Was I fat? Looking back on this now, it would be shocking to think you would consider this a healthy body but when you are constantly shown images like this, how can we distinguish?]

Shape magazine[Shape Magazine Oct 2013]

Star Magazine

 [Star Magazine April 2013]

Denise Bidot

[ Photograph by Victoria Janashvill 2014 showing plus size model Denise Bidot (UK size 14)  and a mannequin displaying a much smaller body size ]

Paper Magazine[ Paper Magazine – Kim Kardashian. The Image that broke the internet]

Sports Illustrated

[First ever plus size model, Ashley Graham, used in Sports Illustrated Magazine 2015 ]

Dissertation Proposal Development

Today I’ve started writing up my dissertation proposal form properly. I have been making notes on the form but my thoughts have been changing whilst I’ve been continuing with my reading.

I have finally come to a decision on what I want to focus my dissertation on and feel that this will not be changing greatly again! (HOPEFULLY!) I have had troubles in where my dissertation would be focussing on in the areas I’m interested in. I knew for definite that I was interested in femininity, body image and the media but these three themes all felt too broad and there were no particular focuses, a dissertation may be one of the longest things I have ever write but there is no way I’d be able to cover the entire media in one thesis! Media can cover everything from television, film, magazines, radio, internet and much more. And then there’s sub-categories, genre of film, reality or fictitious television, women’s or men’s magazines? The area in general was just too broad. So I have come to the decision that my focus will be on women’s glossy magazines for example Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Heat, Star etc. I will be exploring advertisements and the prevalence of celebrities in these magazines and will be exploring.

My proposed dissertation title is :

Research into the representation of women and body image in the media, focusing predominantly on women’s glossy magazines and how the prevalence of celebrities have changed perceptions of the female body and created an unachievable ideal.

My main ideas for the dissertation are to identify what are the current body ideals which are portayed in women’s glossy magazines. How these ideals can effect women’s self-perceptions and therefore may lead to destructive behaviours such as eating disorders. I will be identifying the idea that the ideal body is ridiculous and unachievable and that femininity is a constructed notion. I will be using imagery from magazines and advertisements to back these ideas up. And finally I will be acknowledging the idea of a new ideal, due to the prevalence of celebrities whom show differing ethnicities, such as Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé.

Now that I am more confident in my ideas and have a focus I feel more dedicated and excited by my chosen subject.