Fourth Stitch Session

Today I finished stitching out my geometric design based on my drawings. I used colours which are in my colour palette to stitch out the design.



Unfortunately the stitching didn’t come out very well as the bobbin kept coming up to the surface.

IMG_0129.JPGI decided to stitch the design out again onto coloured fabric. The stitching is better but the bobbin has come up a few times again, I will consult Maggie about this issue. I feel the design is very strong. It would work well as a repeat. I can image the design on the bottom of a cushion, bed throw or bedding as a design element.


Pecha Kucha Presentation

Today we presented our Pecha Kuchas. I feel that my presentation went really well, I had practiced quite a lot so felt quite confident on my timings and script. I was still quite nervous as presenting is not something I am fond of doing. However, I understand that after I while I will become more confident. The main criticism of my presentation was that I read from my cue cards and did not engage with the audience enough. I feel that practicing infront of people would have made me more confident in presenting to an audience. Everyone else’s presentations were very good and I found it very interesting to know where everyone was taking the project and where their inspiration was being drawn from. We were all very different. I was in a group with Lily Mumford, Mali Roberts, Hollie Osbourne and Elisha Davies. Some of us were interested in fashion, others in interiors and we all had different inspiations.. Lily was looking at bright vibrant prints for swim wear, whilst Mali was looking more close to home for her inspiration. After our presentations we spoke about what we were going to be doing next and how we were going to do drawings relating to our theme and chosen company or designer.

Hypothetical Design Commission Brief

Bethany Clarke


Subject ADZ5777 : Making Connections


Hypothetical Design Commission Brief



To create a textile collection for the home interiors market for the company Harlequin.

To produce a collection inspired by floral and ethnic patterns.

Specific Objectives:

  • To explore and document the theme of floral and ethnic patterns.
  • To look into and report on the targeted market of high end and luxurious home interiors.
  • To summarise all relevant aspects of the concept on a series of visually inspiring mood boards.
  • To produce and log a body of drawings experimenting with a range of different media.
  • To creatively develop ideas using methods such as digital stitch and print and also developing Photoshop skills and hand printing methods such as screen printing.
  • To produce a selection of samples and croquis designs on a range of appropriate, well researched substrates to include fabrics and or papers.
  • To present a final collection of designs, some of which also demonstrate :

–       alternative colour way designs

–       co-ordinating design groups

–   accurately repeating pattern designs.

  • To illustrate and present selected designs for interiors in situ, as CAD visuals.

Introduction to clarify the context and market/client

The home interior market appeals to me due to the large array of colours and textures which can be used for the designs. I was also inspired by interiors due to the wide range of products and areas of the home you are able to design for.

I was inspired by Harlequin when I found an advert for the company’s ‘Jardin Boheme’ collection. The bold and vibrant colours and ethnic feel of the designs in the advert excited and influenced me to continue looking into this company. My theme of floral and ethnic patterns has arisen from the designs found in this collection. I feel inspired to develop on this theme further for a Spring/Summer collection. I have decided to build on these existing ideas and themes to create a collection in keeping with Harlequin but adding a personal element with my language of textiles.

Their house style combines decorative prints and floral patterns in both vibrant and neutral colours dependent on the collection. I like that there are differences within the collections yet the designs still hold the house style. Harlequin produce designs for curtains, bedding, cushions, wallpaper and more.

Harlequin is a luxurious brand and therefore lends itself to the higher target market and clientele. I will be designing for this client; a couple, home owner and individuals who have a higher income than average. The client is house proud and likes to spend money on creating a stylish home. Designing for this client will allow me to create professional and deluxe designs.

Research base

I will visit Harlequin’s website to research current and previous interior collections focussing on S/S seasons. I will also research for my chosen season and relevant trends using journals and books in the library and collect visual research using WGSN. I will contact Harlequin in the hope of gaining primary research into the methods of production and fabric choices. I would also like to research the company’s policies regarding sustainability and environmental issues.

My proposal

I will create a collection of designs for home interior products including bedding, soft furnishings and paper based products such as wallpaper and blinds. My designs will be inspired by my theme of “Florals and Ethnic Patterns.” My designs will have an on trend colour palette inspired by my theme. The collection will be called “Sweet Citrus” inspired by the bright colour palette used. The designs I create will encompass Harlequin’s luxurious house style. I will carry out visual research in primary and secondary ways including drawing, photography and through the internet. I will keep up with current and up-coming trends using WGSN throughout the project.

Third Stitch Session

Today I stitched out my rose design. I decided to go with the original stitch design and did not use the motif stitching effect as I felt it looked messy. I am not completely happy with the design, I feel the colours could be changed to give it a better effect and also the angle of the stitches need changing in a few areas. I will make these changes to the design another time.

IMG_0125.JPGWhilst the design was being stitched out (it took quite a while!), I decided to start on another design using my geometric drawings. Unfortuantely I didn’t get to finish the design off, I will complete it next week.


Over the past few days I’ve been experimenting with drawing geometric ethnic patterns which I gained inspiration from from my visit to Tunisia. The drawings are inspired specifically by the tiles and details on the walls from my trip. I will turn these drawing into designs either using print or digital stitch in one of my workshop sessions.



Mood Boards for Chosen Company

I have chosen to focus on the company Harlequin. I will write a hypothetical brief which I will work with to produce a collection..

Here are my four mood boards for my collection :

Mood board - theme Moodboard - client board Moodboard - colour board Moodboard - market competitors

Pecha Kucha Presentation

Here is a link to my pucha kecha presentation about my final 3 designers/companies I have chosen to focus on:

Pecha Kucha