Accessorize placement!

I am so excited that I have secured a work placement with Accessorize in their Buying department in Head Office in London!!!! I’ve thought about buying for a company as a career for a while as though I would love to be a designer for my own brand, I feel that I need to be sensible and gain experience in other areas I would be happy with as well. I have managed to gain work experience for the full 4 weeks of the Work Experience module in November from the 17th. I am very proud of myself that I went out of my comfort zone and rang up the Head Office. I had sent emails but after a week and a half not hearing back from anywhere, I decided to take the issue into my own hands yesterday and phoned around a few companies. When I got through to Accessorize and they mentioned that the Buying department could use a hand during that time period, my heart jumped. They rang me back this morning confirming they’d like to offer me a place. I will be working in head office with two different ranges, the children’s department and the Seasonal range of accessories including jewellery, bags etc. Watch this space for my blog posts all about my experiences during my work placement!


First Day Back as a Second Year

Today we discussed our new brief. I’m really excited about this year. I like the idea of creating a hypothetical brief and designing for a company of our choice. Last year, I loved creating the mood board for our digital project and I’m again excited for this this year. I like being able to create a theme and incorporating a colour scheme into this. We have been told to thoroughly research all 3 areas given to us Textiles for Interiors, Textiles for Fashion and Textiles for Paper e.g. stationery, wall paper and picnic ware. I am most excited to research Textiles for Interiors as I believe this is the area I would like to work in during the future. I will begin my research straight away!

Tunisia 20/08/2014 – 27/08/2014

Lucky me having 3 holidays this summer! I was extremely excited to visit the African country of Tunisia. I was looking forward to experiencing the different culture.

I was overwhelmed by the amount of inspiration I gained from this trip. We decided to take a visit to the Medina in a nearby town called Sousse. A medina is a massive market full of food, spices, clothes, ceramics and more. And everything is so cheap! It was a little intimidating to start with however, after a few shops we all got very into the haggling! I came away with two little pieces of hand painted ceramics.

During our time in Sousse we also visited a large department in which we found a woman creating a large traditional Tunisian rug on a loom. Photos of this are below.

We also experienced an amazing event which takes place only once every year, we were extremely lucky to be visiting during this time as we were only told the event was taking place when we arrived at the hotel. In Tunisia there is a coliseum, which is smaller than the one in Rome but has actually been preserved better. On one evening of the year, a classical performance takes place in the coliseum lit only by candle lights surrounding the audience. It was a truly amazing experience.

At the hotel we stayed in, we were invited to watch entertainment shows which included traditional Tunisian dancing and belly dancing. This was amazing; unfortunately my pictures were not very good however here is a picture I found on the internet.

Visiting Tunisia has definitely made me want to choose the Morocco Cultural Collaboration module for field in January. The whole place was highly inspirational, here are a few pictures I took. 1470155_10154653357950603_3326315139826556961_n

Here is a woman producing a traditional Tunisian rug from scratch using a loom …

10270562_10154653357440603_5232864800850959999_n 10410513_10154653357515603_5718158639162534764_n 10533447_10154653357545603_7993576597112381044_n  10712730_10154653357240603_3684751924644024509_n

And the rugs being sold in a large department store in Sousse…..


Medina in Sousse, Tunisia …..

10702230_10154653356895603_4546804156701612116_n 10671349_10154653354705603_5945339038368273444_n 10665082_10154653355330603_8928286548313339144_n


Coliseum in El Djem, Tunisia ….


Traditional Tunisian dancer….


Patterns found in and around the hotel……


10659423_10152350465345998_109336732828276036_n 10646835_10152350465325998_1008291215914873685_n 10640989_10152350465155998_5433649453146969760_n  10665734_10152350465190998_6584851057064831869_n 10703747_10152350465290998_796234149684949489_n 10477044_10152350465090998_2948164374354762427_n 10178146_10152350465045998_4201206107489628944_n