Edinburgh Fringe Festival 08/08/14 – 15/08/14

I have spent a week in the beautiful Scottish city of Edinburgh! The main reason for my trip was for the infamous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a month long festival of Comedy, Music and Arts. I’ve had an amazing week, yet I have to confess I stayed well away from the Haggis! (not my cuppa)

I am writing about this trip as I have found that each place I visit recently brings me new inspiration for my subject. On the way to visiting the Edinburgh Castle one day, I walked past what looked like a small shop which had a tiny sign above which stated “Tartan Weaving Mill and Exhibition.” Dragging my boyfriend along with me with travelled down three sets of stairs to find a massive working weaving mill all creating different tartan designs which were being sold in the shop below. Here are a few pictures I took…


[The working mill]


[Scarves made from the Tartan in the shop]


[Working mill]


[Tartan scarves sold in shop]


[Working mill]