Reflection of Field

I feel the group project opened my eyes to the different specialisms which can be combined with my own. It was interesting for me to see how other people worked. I felt that we had a good range in the group, we had two members from textiles, one product designer, a fine artist, an illustrator and someone from graphics. This combined to create a group full of different interests and ways of working. However, I feel this lead to a some interesting ideas. I do however feel that perhaps if we had more time I would’ve like to of introduced the rest of the group with different textiles techniques. One issue I do feel that we encountered was some members of the group did not participate as much as others. Having said this, everyone did contribute their own skills at some point in the project.

The group field project changed my original ideas for my individual field. Before starting the group work my original idea was to focus on Cardiff Bay and it’s history. However, after talking to the group about their ideas, I got influenced by the theme of architecture and also street art which I then began concentrating on in my individual project. I feel that this has improved the project for me, I was excited to research my chosen themes. I believe that if I had stuck with my original idea, I would’ve gotten stuck and struggled with research and design ideas. I believe my work and research has been very successful.


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