My obsession with pinterest continues..


My love affair with pinterest began about 2 years ago now, I am constantly getting ideas and inspiration from the website and use it as a sort of online cupboard to hoard all things interesting!

I’ve used pinterest in previous projects during my foundation year, and find it is just one of the many sources you can gain knowledge, images and inspiration for your personal work.

As part of my research for this current project I decided to set up a board called “The City” and added anything which was relevant to the project as a whole and to my two themes I have decided to look at specifically – patterns in architecture and graffiti.

If you’ve never tried pinterest, I would give it a go! Be aware however, it can be quite addictive..


Session 3 : Punk

In todays session we concentrated on the subculture of punk. We looked at a section from Fashion Theory : A Reader by Barnard M (2007) page 256-266 by Dick Hebdige.

We began the session by reflecting quickly on what we had done last week, we looked at the key concepts we should be applying to the case studies which we had covered. We then had to work in groups to discuss and analyse the main points in Hebdige’s article on subculture style and punk.

1. “Subculture bricoleur” – is the idea of taking an object and changing it’s original function and meaning, for example, the Teds and the Edwardian suit. The suits were put it in a context and therefore had a new and different meaning from its original.

2. “Semiotic guerrilla warfare”Umberto Eco, 1973 – is the idea of making a statement by breaking societies rules via objects, styles etc. It is the idea of being against the mainstream, anti-establishment values.

3. Characteristics of punk style and ideological statement expressed within these stylistic qualities – Clothes which are deliberately ripped and damaged, safety pins as jewellery, trashy/cheap fabrics e.g. PVC/plastic, bondage, dyed hair and exaggerated make up, school uniform, women shaved hair, Mohawk..

4. “Style as homology” – All these things still have a uniform, punks have a set of rules/shared values.

We discussed that at the time punk style would be shocking, however, these things can be isolated from their original meaning now. We simply see it as a style now, it is no longer shocking and is no longer a statement.

We then began analysing the ‘God Save The Queen’ Sex Pistols album cover..

sex pistols

My notes on the album cover..


Drawing Session in City Centre

Today we had organised a collaborative trip to the city centre to do some drawing exercises together. Unfortunately when we came to meet, only 3 out of 6 people turned up. We made do and decided to start off our drawings at The New Theatre. We each drew a few drawings, we spoke about drawing on top of each others drawings in different materials however all 3 of us got a little attached to our original drawings – we decided we would photoshop them together and perhaps complete this exercise another time. As we were stood drawing, we noticed that as people walked past us we got heard small sections of their conversations – most of the time it did not make sense, however we were all quite intrigued by this idea. We decided to incorporate this into our drawings..




We then took some photos around town and also drew from Cardiff Castle..


It’s unfortunate that the other boys did not turn up as I feel this could of been a much more productive session, hopefully we can organise another drawing trip.

Book Binding Workshop

Today I attended a book binding workshop at Howard Gardens campus, the session was run by Tom Martin. He began the session by showing us examples of books he had made, they ranged in size and style, using different papers inside the book and also different book covers. He then talked us through the tools which he uses and which we would be using in the session.


We began making our books by cutting cartridge paper to the right size, measurements had to be precise and all sheets had to be equal. We cut 12 rectangular pieces which we then folded in half, these folded sheets were then paired. We then pierced holes in each sheet four times, each hole was spaced out evenly down the fold of the paper.



The next stage was to sew all the paper sections together. I struggled with this as you had to do it in a certain way. It was quite fiddly to hold the book whilst sewing all the sections together. However, after a while, I got the hang of it and finished this stage! We then used PVA glue and stuck scrim fabric to strengthen the spine.


The next thing we had to do was to create the book cover, we did this by cutting mount board, 3 sections – front, back and a thinner piece for the spine of the book. We stuck these down onto our chosen cover fabric, I chose a black sketchbook style fabric. We then glued the cover to the paper and our books were finished!


Graffiti and Street Art


I went on the look out for Graffiti in Cardiff, I decided to do this as when you think of a city, you think of urban life. I felt a visual code of this theme was graffiti. I found a range of styles, from street art, tags and commissioned pieces. I found the main similarities were colours and a feeling of expression. I felt this linked in with my previous research into patterns in the city (architecture) I began thinking of how perhaps, combining the two different style of patterns and art could create interesting and intriguing designs in textiles.. I have not yet experimented with reproducing this kind of art but would like to in the near future. I would also like to research more into graffiti and street art.








Print Workshop – First Session

Today was the first session of the print workshops, we were given Nikon cameras to borrow and told to take photos of the city and things we were inspired by. Unfortunately the majority of the group were unhappy about this as we had already been given 3 weeks for research in which a lot of us had been able to take photographs already. It felt like it was a wasted day and that we could of been working in the print studio. I took the opportunity to take photos of graffiti – a theme which I am newly interested in during this module.

DSC_0022 DSC_0017 DSC_0014 DSC_0008 DSC_0007 DSC_0005

I found a few piece which seemed more like art than graffiti, all of what I found inspired me. I will continue to look for graffiti and street art in Cardiff.

Progression of Final Outcome

Here is a very basic trial run of our final outcome. Patrick has the most skills in the area to make the frame so he offered to make the maquette of the frame. We will be using a laser cutter to produce the real thing.