New Brief and Site Visit with Dr. Paul Fitzpatrick

Today we got set our new brief for the field module which is all about The City. Within this main theme there are 3 sub themes which we are to research; The Hidden City, Power and Technology and Migration. I began by creating mind maps of initial ideas of all three sub themes and also for the main theme The City. The brief excited me and I felt it was good to have something to aim my research towards. I will continue my research by taking photographs and finding artist research to help me with more ideas which I will build upon.

We also had a site visit with Dr. Paul Fitzpatrick to the graveyard and Llandaff cathedral. Before this, he gave us a lecture on The History of Bereavement in which he talked to us about the different theories about grief and bereavement. I studied psychology at A Level and this is one of the subjects which we touched upon. I found the lecture very interesting, however struggled to see the relevance of this next to our new brief about the city. We then took a visit to the graveyard in which he pointed out that each grave told of its own story, the picture below is of a very large grave made from marble which obviously showed that the family were trying to publicise their wealth and perhaps it was not just about mourning. This was an interesting concept I had not thought of before.


We then moved on from the graveyard and into Llandaff Cathedral. Paul Fitzpatrick spoke to us about how art can portray a story or a narrative, and can also help people build a bridge between them and the world when they have lost someone.

Here are some pictures I took from the visit..


IMG_0183 IMG_0186