Cath Davies : Smells Like Teen Spirit – First Session

Last week we had a presentation of 8 different options which we could choose from. My first choice was Cath as I felt I could relate to her sessions more – I am interested in her subject of stereotypes and found both her study skills and lecture both interesting and helpful.

Today was the first session, we were introduced to what we would be doing in each of the sessions and also spoke about the essay we would be submitting in May. We used a skill Cath taught us in her study skills session where we analysed an image using three columns. We looked at an image of Madonna in her famous outfit designed by Jean Paul Gautier which she wore in her Blonde Ambition Tour.

Photo of MADONNA

We discussed the connotations of the outfit, for example, the corset has a traditional use to create ‘the perfect female shape’ yet this corset is different, the silver colour relates to metal and armour which isn’t malleable and is associated with weaponry. Gautier has combined something obviously feminine (corset) with something associated with masculinity (suit). He is trying to create a statement and play on the idea of gender.

We looked at this image as for our essay we have to choose 2 or 3 images to compare and create an argument with these images. Using this image we spoke about what you could base the assignment on, ideas included gender stereotypes, connotations of the suit/corset, Madonna, Jean Paul Gautier etc.

The session was very interesting to me and I felt genuinely excited about the upcoming sessions and even writing the essay!

We were told to start looking for images which intrigued us, I came across these two images of Kate Moss..




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