Stitch Workshops – Speed Dating Sessions

Since 13th January I have been attending stitch workshops in a speed dating style. Each session we have completed 6 new techniques. We were able to try out each technique with no specific time frame but had to complete all 6 during the day. If we did not like the technique we could move on straight away, however if we liked the technique we could on build our new skill. All the techniques we learnt, were on the sewing machines which were either basic machines with specific feet on them or the industrial machines which had more settings on. Examples of techniques we learnt were machine felting, cording and using different types of needles including triple needles and a hemstitch needle.

I really enjoyed learning all these new techniques. In week 3 we were to produce samples using these techniques inspired by our research of our theme. Unfortunately I wasn’t very well so I did not attend this session, however I will be catching up!

I’m excited to use all these techniques in the future, here are a few pictures of my work…

  IMG_2522 IMG_2518

IMG_2517 IMG_2524

IMG_2514 IMG_2513 IMG_2510


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