Print and Dye Session

Today I signed up for a session in the print and dye room, to finish off experimenting with the techniques I learnt in the 4 workshops at the start of term. This session was dedicated to producing 6 of the 12 final samples. I created a new screen design for this session, a basic line drawing of two lilies.


I dyed a few fabric samples which I will combine with other experiments I have produced in my workshops to create my final samples. I will incorporate hand embroidery, applique and different dye and print techniques.

Here is a photograph of one of my final samples which I completed today. Which is a screen print of the drawing above on dyed silk fabric using the shibori method. I decided to use silk to portray the delicacy of the lily flower. I will not be adding any stitch onto this sample as I feel it shows a combination of different skills including drawing, dye and print.


Unfortunately I was not able to complete all the print work I wanted this week so next week I will be in the print room again and will complete a sample using devore which I will combine with dye. I will then be in the stitch room for the rest of the day to complete other samples.


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