Sketchbook work on a rainy Saturday..

Today I decided to do some drawing in my sketchbook. After my last stitch work where I added a hanging basket to the outside of the house I decided the designs would be s lot more successful if i added some small cute details, like plants pots, flowers and bicycles. So this is what I began drawing. I used a mixture of watercolours and a very thin fine liner. I mixed all the colours so that they were the correct colours from my palette and tested them onto a print out of my colour palette. I was pleased with how close I managed to get my colours! 



Today I had a tutorial with Keireine, I hadn’t seen her for a tutorial during this project so it was good to get her opinion on my ideas. Keireine was very positive about my ideas and my prototype which I had created yesterday. She suggested I create my prototypes directly onto brown card not white as this colour change will change how the design looks overall. She also asked me to think about my mark making samples explaining they could look too busy and confusing behind my stitch work. This was something I had already thought about it although Keireine suggested using plain bubble wrap, photographing it, scanning it etc instead of printing different coloured paints from my palette.

Keireine also mentioned that I need to start thinking about creating a logo and brand name for my collection and also to think about the back of my card designs and also envelope design. Also where will people be able to write on the card design as if I use bubble wrap you will be able to see through it onto the back of the card.

Finally, she advised me on how I should be updating and adjusting my studio space and boards. My moodboards should now be on the side of the space as these are no longer the main focus of my space. I should be putting up my related samples and prototypes onto the main pin board area of my studio space.

Overall I thought the tutorial was very positive and has helped me in progressing with this project!

Photoshop Prototypes

Whilst waiting for my tutorial today I began creating some quick prototype design ideas on Photoshop where I scanned in my motifs and placed into a card shape. Realistically, there will be variations in card size so these are generalised design ideas and will be more detailed when I come to actually make them. So far I only have 5 motifs stitched out but I have the drawings ready for all 8 designs. I will be finishing off these digital stitches over the next few workshop sessions. These do look quite plain at the moment but with my mark making samples behind them hopefully they will be more brought to life! I have decided that to make sure the cards are obviously new home cards I will be stitching onto these mark making backgrounds with text like “Home Sweet Home”, “Key to your New Home” etc. Each of these motifs will also be stitched out onto the same fabric as at the moment the difference in colour/type of fabric makes me feel the designs don’t work so well as a collection.

Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4 Card 5

Starting to Make Prototypes!

This evening I had a sudden surge of enthusiasm for my design ideas and so decided to start making a prototype. The idea of the design is that it should look like a luggage tag, the white paper will actually brown card. Each motif will have parts cut out and also behind the motif. There will then be a section of mark making inspired by or created using media related to home/moving home, for example, tea/coffee/newspaper/corrugated cardboard/bubble wrap. This is something I need to think about as one of the mark making samples I already have is way too busy for this design and did not work well behind the house. I will continue to make prototypes for all 8 card designs.


On track!

I finally think I have a clear concept and path for where I am going with this project. I will be completing 8 cards which will all be for new home. 4 of the designs will be of houses, 2 of keys and 2 of suitcases. Each card will be using the same techniques so that they work well in a collection together; the techniques used will be digital stitch along with free hand machine stitch. Each design will have sections cut out from it, which will be cut by hand and not a lser cutter unfortunately. There will then be a design behind these cut out sections which will be mark making prints all related to homes/moving home e.g. bubble wrap, corrugated card, tea and coffee etc. My new idea for the cards will be that they will have a removable section which will be a fridge magnet. New homes need decorating and this is a simple way for people to decorate whilst keeping something sentimental from friends and family.

Dissertation Draft Hand In

Today I had to hand in my first draft of my dissertation. I was happy with how much I had managed to write and hopefully the writing is good quality. The actual dissertation hand in is 2nd February so I still have plenty of time to complete my dissertation. I need to complete my Abstract, finish my Chapter two, Write up my Chapter three and write my Conclusion. This is completely achievable and I feel in control.

Ashley told me to keep working on my dissertation during the two weeks when I do not have a dissertation tutorial. During this time I will be completing my chapter two and beginning my chapter three whilst also completing more reading for my chapter three.

Workshop Session

Today I hoped to combine my ideas of digital stitch and laser cutting. I had prepared myself for the workshop session by scanning in a couple of my digital stitch designs which I planned to laser cut. When I came in in the morning I used the scanned in copies of the digital stitch samples and produced an illustrator document which I would use to laser cut out the design. I believed it was going well when the trial piece was the correct dimensions as the photocopied piece however I realised that the laser cutter would be cutting the design out in the wrong area of the paper. I tried a few things like placing a square around the design to cut out the right area but unfortunately this didn’t work. I realised that maybe laser cutting the design out was making my life too complicated and to make it simpler I could just do this by hand. I had thought I would be cutting the design out of fabric originally which is why the laser cutter would be simpler but I have now decided that I can easily do this in paper/card instead as the design will be going on card in the end anyway.

Today I also stitched out another digital stitch design of a house. I am experimenting with different styles of houses after advice from the interim crit. This time I experimented with more techniques within digital stitch. I used applique for the windows of this house. After I stitched out the design I felt that the door of the house looked lost and so decided to applique the house as well.



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