Mood Boards for Chosen Company

I have chosen to focus on the company Harlequin. I will write a hypothetical brief which I will work with to produce a collection..

Here are my four mood boards for my collection :

Mood board - theme Moodboard - client board Moodboard - colour board Moodboard - market competitors

Pecha Kucha Presentation

Here is a link to my pucha kecha presentation about my final 3 designers/companies I have chosen to focus on:

Pecha Kucha

Constellation Reflection

What are your academic strengths and weaknesses?

I believe my academic strengths lie in my time management, I feel that I can manage myself and my work in order to get everything completed on time, and by giving myself enough time I do not rush things and they are therefore completed to the highest standard I am capable of.

My weaknesses lie in the area of critiquing work and explaining how things relate to my practice. This was revealed to me during feedback from my constellation essay last year.

What lessons did I learn from last year / what do I need to improve on from last year?

I would like to be more experimental this year, I feel that I kept to my comfort zone last year. I also feel that I need to be more confident in my presentation skills, practicing more will achieve this. Finally, I need to delve deeper into ideas and explore more.

Where am I at the beginning of Level 5?

I am excited to delve deeper into my current project in Subject. I will be researching thoroughly and hope to gain a mass of inspiration from this.

Where would I like to be at the end of Level 5?

I would like to be confident in my strengths and weaknesses in my subject, including specialist techniques in print and stitch. This will prepare me for my third year.

What will I do to get myself there?

As explained before, I will need to be experimental with techniques in order to explore my strengths and weaknesses.


I have finally finished my research for all 20 designers from across all the three areas. I think I may have more than 20 as I got a little over excited.. I have now come to decide that my final 9 designers will be Harlequin, Manuel Canovas, Laura Ashley, Cath Kidston, Accessorize, (Mini) Boden, Paperchase, Ted Baker and William Morris. Some of these are interchangeable between the three options and some stand in one area. I feel that all the designers have something different about themselves and I will now be researching them further to gain knowledge about the company itself including their values and their house style. I am finding it quite hard to know who to take through as my final 3 designers, as I appreciate all 9!! Hopefully my further research will help me with this decision.


Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit London, we were dropped off at the V&A museum and then had free reign over what we wanted to do. I was slightly apprehensive about going as I have quite a lot of work on at the moment and quite a small time period to get it all done! However, I was convinced to go by peers and I’m definitely glad I did. Laura Martin, Emily Woods, Lucy A’Court and I decided to stick together and Laura suggested we visit the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre after speaking with our subject tutor about where to go. I had never heard of this place but Laura told me it was like an interior show room.

When we got there I was amazed! The building was huge and full of designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Harlequin, Mulberry Home, Kravet and so many more. We were able to go into the different show rooms and look through all the new latest collections, we collected brochures and a few samples of some of the designs we liked – unfortunately, we didn’t realise that we could get samples until one of the last places we visited so haven’t got as many as we’d of liked.

It was an amazing place to visit and definitely helped with research into our current project. In March there is a design week at the Chelsea Harbour and I will definitely be returning!

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WGSN Lecture

Today we had a lecture about WGSN (World Global Style Network), a woman came in to talk us through the website. At first I thought it would be a waste of time as I have already used WGSN and felt like I knew what I needed to get the most out of the website. I was wrong! She showed us through all the different menus and links and I found it really useful! I’ve decided to use WGSN for it’s trend forecasting to help me with my mood boards and colour palettes for the current project.

Accessorize placement!

I am so excited that I have secured a work placement with Accessorize in their Buying department in Head Office in London!!!! I’ve thought about buying for a company as a career for a while as though I would love to be a designer for my own brand, I feel that I need to be sensible and gain experience in other areas I would be happy with as well. I have managed to gain work experience for the full 4 weeks of the Work Experience module in November from the 17th. I am very proud of myself that I went out of my comfort zone and rang up the Head Office. I had sent emails but after a week and a half not hearing back from anywhere, I decided to take the issue into my own hands yesterday and phoned around a few companies. When I got through to Accessorize and they mentioned that the Buying department could use a hand during that time period, my heart jumped. They rang me back this morning confirming they’d like to offer me a place. I will be working in head office with two different ranges, the children’s department and the Seasonal range of accessories including jewellery, bags etc. Watch this space for my blog posts all about my experiences during my work placement!


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